Pond & Lake Creation and Clean Up

For those of you who live on or near Lake Lanier or one of the many springs or rivers in the great state of Georgia, you’ll want to read this story of one of our latest projects – How we cleaned up a pond and why it happened.

This was a man made pond aka. a body of standing water. Often times ponds like this require certain algae to sustain the water over time. Brush and silt get in the way and can quickly turn a beautiful pond into a whole with natural debris. From time to time, you must maintain or clean the silt from the pond. Every pond varies – some require cleaning every year while others may go 10 or 15 years.

If you notice unusual debris or a drastic decrease in the amount of water, please give us or another pond cleaning crew a call. With this project we were able to successfully clean the debris and silt. A few thousand dollars, two men, a bobcat, an escavator, and a couple of men that like to play in the dirt we let the digging begin. Thank goodness mother nature was on our side with the appropriate weather to dry dirt. After the dirt dried we hauled it off.
The final result being our clients were left with a beautiful pond to replace their saturated brushy landscape that was too wet for them to step foot on.

What can we clean up for you? A lake, pond, haul off some debris? Give us a call and we’ll make it happen.

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