Tree Roots in Septic Tank Lines

You know those beautiful maple trees? What about the sycamores or the gorgeous cascading weeping willows? Or even the grand oak trees with huge limbs? Well, we are in the south folks. What do you think supports those large limbs and oversized tree trunks? Like your mama told you… a good foundation, also known as roots. This project is proof that tree roots will go to extensive lengths to see if the grass is truly greener on the other side. Trees are always thirsty and if planted to close to the septic system, they are worse than your local drunk seeking a drink.

The bottom line here is to watch what you plant and how close your trees are being planted to your septic system. Will you have to move a tree to clear the septic lines? Yes, either move the tree or move the septic lines. Otherwise, you’ll be giving us a call with an emergency at some point during the life of your septic tank system. We hate to say it, but we’re telling you how to prevent problems with your septic system before they happen.  

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